Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Our First Hatch

You guys. We hatched our very first set of chicks via an incubator! And the moms and dad were from OUR farm which to me makes it even more special. I know, I know, I'm probably overly excited about this but I don't care. We've had a broody hatch out a single chick and that was pretty fun but this is so different. To be so involved in the process was absolutely fascinating. Waiting and waiting was such torture but Sunday evening when I went in to check on the temps in the incubator and saw that first little pip made it SO worth it. I can't even put into words how excited I was. I could have stayed up all night staring at the incubator. I'd read that it can take anywhere from one hour to twenty four hours for a chick to fully hatch out so reluctantly I went on to bed.

Look what was waiting for me when I woke up the next morning!

My goal was to produce wee little Olive Egger chicks. In the incubator I set one blue egg from this lady, my EE Hazel.

And six green eggs from my two Olive Egger girls, Nutmeg and Esmé.

Esmés egg is on the left, and Nutmegs is on the right. 

And here's the proud papa. Handsome, eh?

Our first generation Olive Egger, Dandelion. She definitely takes after her beautiful mama. I just can't get over how pretty she is!

 Basil, the first to hatch and one of four second generation Olive Eggers.

The whole gang freshly hatched and mostly fluffed out. Absolute perfection.

I'm ALREADY collecting eggs for another hatch. This incubator thing is addictive!